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This page contains information about Children Communities Connections Learning Network resources, conferences and events. CCCLN is a network of child & family practitioners, researchers and policy makers who are learning to work together to build stronger communities for children.


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Faith Justice and Community Service

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Technology Children & Families 2016

Technology Children & Families 2016

Quality Play and Media Conference 2014

Quality Play & Media Snapshot

Quality Play and Media Handout (pdf) size 734KB

Quality Play and Media e-book flyer (pdf) size 473KB

Quality Play and Media 2014 Conference Presentations

Quality Play & Media in Early Childhood Education & Care (pdf) size 4MB

Play in the Cyber Village (pdf) size 300KB

Media based play (pdf) size 4.7MB

New media and music in early childhood (pdf) size 101KB

Quality Parenting in the Cyber Village (pdf) size 2MB

The importance of Outdoor and Nature Play (pdf) size 555KB

Television and attention, play and language (pdf) size 1 MB

Children Communities Connections 2012 Conference Resources

CCC 2012 Conference Report (doc) size 47KB

CCC 2012 DVD Order Form (doc) size 194KB

CCC 2012 Conference videos

Children Communities Connections 2012 Conference Presentations

Bridges out of Poverty (pdf) size 130KB

Bridging the Know Do Gap (pdf) size 2MB

Developing Child and Family Sensitive Practice (pdf) size 237KB

Engaging Families in the ECD Story (pdf) size 476KB

Where to with Early Childhood Family Support Services? (pdf) size 338KB

Implementing Children and Family Centres (pdf) size 2.5MB

Early Childhood Development an Emerging Profession (pdf) size 195KB

He's not a Behaviour Issue (pdf) size 117KB

Child and Family Sensitive Practice - an AOD Case Study (pdf) size 130KB

Child and Youth Friendly Gawler (pdf) size 468KB

Supporting Wellbeing in a Classroom (pdf) size 1MB

Working in Partnership (pdf) size 2MB

Bouncing back from Vicarious Trauma (pdf) size 1>2MB

Collaborative Practice of Allied Health in Children's Centres (pdf) size 578KB

Community Play Sessions (pdf) size 3MB

Mothers of Preschoolers (pdf) size 617KB

Integrated Practice for Allied Health (pdf) size 206KB

Young Mums & Dads Parenting Together (pdf) size 2MB

Building Stronger NT Indigenous Communities (pdf) size 1.3MB

Let's Change the Online Experience (pdf) size 1.7MB

No More Gaps for Children and Families (pdf) size 454KB

Exploring Families Connections (pdf) size 441KB

C4C Facilitating Partner Model (pdf) size 437KB

Cultural Intelligence with New Australian Communities (pdf) size 286KB

Children Communities Connections 2010 Conference Resources

CCC 2010 Conference Video Snapshots

CCC 2010 DVD Order Form (doc) size 194KB

Children Communities Connections 2010 Conference Communique (pdf) size 38KB

Children Communities Connections 2010 Conference Presentations

A vision for integrated early childhood service delivery (pdf) size 2.7MB

Developing integrated child & family communities (pdf) size 2.2MB

Prevention of anxiety (pdf) size 194KB

Child and Family Centre Research (pdf) size 47KB

Aboriginal Child & Family Centres (pdf) size 2.85MB

Fatherhood project (pdf) size 2.85MB

What neuroscience is telling us about supporting families (pdf) size 560KB

An integrated service in action (pdf) size 278KB

Building bridges between services building capacity within services (pdf) size 350KB

Developing a program logic for integrated support for children and families (pdf) size 1.4MB

Driving system change to support vulnerable children and their families (pdf) size 263KB

East Kimberly experience in collaboration and sustainability (pdf) size 3.85MB

Information sharing - What do we mean by confidentiality? (pdf) size 185KB

Modern grandparenting (pdf) size 2.2MB

Occupational Therapy in Children's Centres (pdf) size 382KB

Product evaluation in a social marketing and community development context (pdf) size 1.46MB

Responding to homeless children and their families (pdf) size 175KB

Social inclusion in child and family services (pdf) size 578KB

Taking care of those who take care of others (pdf) size 76KB

The healing power of puppets (pdf) size 328KB

The role of alcohol and other drugs sector in child wellbeing and protection (pdf) size 267KB

What a faith community can bring to healthy child development (pdf) size 1.7MB

Working towards collaboration and integration - An action research project (pdf) size 663KB

Young mums and dads parenting together (pdf) size 1MB

Children Communities Connections 2008 Conference Presentations

CCC Conference DVD Order Form (pdf) size 29KB

Questions Issues and Ideas from CCC Conference 2008 (pdf) size 38KB

Challenges of Multi Agency Interventions (pdf) size 873KB

Sustainable Futures (pdf) size 61KB

Applying Neurobiological Evidence to Caring for Infants and Toddlers (pdf) size 897KB

Mawson Lakes a Planned Child Friendly Community (pdf) size 492KB

More than bricks and mortar (pdf) size 335KB

Focused Work with Parents and Infants (pdf) size 4.4MB

Parent Partnerships Study (pdf) size 73KB

Social Inclusion and Multi-Cultural Competence (pdf) size 100KB

CNAHS Family & Community Healing Program (pdf) size 2.5MB

´Really Truly´ Ensuring a Partnership Approach (pdf) size 206KB

Profiling the Developmental Contexts of Children across a Socio Economic Gradient (pdf) size 2.5MB

´Multi´ Culture (pdf) size 1.07MB

Promoting Health & Wellbeing in Early Childhood Settings (pdf) size 317KB

Social inclusion, Multicultural Competence and Innovative Service (pdf) size 141KB

Social Networking and the Circulation of Resources (pdf) size 331KB

Tackling Social Exclusion l (pdf) size 274KB

Books R4 Babies 2 (pdf) size 54KB

Effect of Cooking Classes on Nutrition (pdf) size 925KB

Safe from the Start (pdf) size 55KB

The Paediatric Wellbeing Cluster Group (pdf) size 180KB

FamilyZone Multigrain Service Delivery (pdf) size 3.5MB

Other Resources

Using the AEDC in Strategic Planning and Implementation (pdf) size 932 KB

Enhancing intersectoral practice between alcohol and other drug services and the child and family welfare sector (pdf) size 641KB

Strengthening Communities using a whole of community, government and family approach (pdf) size 3MB

Building Stronger Communities Worksheet (pdf) size 63KB


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Tel: 08 8397 9333

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