Parenting Together

Parenting Together

This resource has been developed by the Salvation Army as part of the Communities for Children initiative in partnership with a number of organisations working with families. It looks at some of the challenging relationship issues faced by mums and dads in raising healthy children and offers practical strategies to meet these challenges.

whatís been said

"Really liked the focus on dads, seeing dads with their kids and the images represented." - Early Childhood Coordinator

"Liked the flexibility of the way the material is presented to couples depending on their needs and issues." - Parent Educator

"Good to see real people in real situations." - Dads group facilitator

"Particularly liked how the sessions were tailored to the group and the encouraging openness of conversations." - Parent

data from the course

  • 57% of participants admitted to getting angry with their child/ren
  • By the end of course 88% had made the decision that they would try to be less angry with their child/ren
  • 100% of parents who provided feedback 1 month after the course now have some idea on how to control their child/renís behaviour
  • Prior to the course, 32% admitted to being unaware of how to control their child/renís behaviour

Course Content

The structured course is over 5 sessions including:

  • The importance of the early years for brain development as it relates to social and emotional learning and the role of parents in this.
  • A six step process that facilitates good practice in co-parenting including listening, agreeing together, setting boundaries and rules, emotional self-regulation in the process of doing this, choices and consequences.

Additional sessions include:

  • Trauma informed practice
  • Partner relationship issues
  • A process for resolving conflict through negotiation

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved understanding a childís needs
  • Mindful, respectful, unified and consistent parenting
  • Improved relationship bonds between parents and children
  • Improved understanding how to resolve conflict

The accompanying DVD/USB can be used to promote discussion with groups or individuals.

Topics covered in the structured sessions include:

  • Changes
  • Parenting
  • The first years
  • Relationships
  • Conflict

The Facilitators Guide includes:

  • Background information
  • Illustrations for use in small groups
  • Content for 5 session course

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Further info:

A Communities for Children Initiative

Approved by the Australian Institute of Family Studies as a Promising Program

Australian Refugee Association Relationship Australia Save the Children Australia Lutheran Community Care Salvation Army Schools Ministry Group